The following is a short story on how Cashflowskills was born.

I was reading a book by Perry Marshall called 80/20 Sales and Marketing.
The book is a guide to working less and making more money.

In this book Perry stated that if you want to build a highly successful business you need to focus on solving problems that keep people awake at night. So I set off and started doing some research on the matter. Mainly using Google Search as a research tool I found the following.

What Keeps People Awake and Worrying?

No. 1
Money (Work)

No. 2
Relationships (Love, Friends, Family, Children)

No. 3
Individual / Personal Satisfaction

– What do I want to do with my Life?
– Not happy doing what you are doing?
– How can I make the world a better place?
– Have I accomplished / done enough in life?
– Am I spending enough time with my family?
– Do I want children? Will I be a good Dad?

No. 4
Health (Mental, Inner, Outer)

The exercise was interesting and insightful.
It seems that Money is the No. 1 reason for keeping people awake and worrying at night.

I have been working on improving my Financial Education since 2003.

There are people all over the world who have a need to improve their financial situations.
The primary problem the majority of people experience is a world of not enough money.  

The question that needs answering is: How to Make More Money?  

Follow me on my journey as I explore opportunities for making more money.
I will share my findings and what’s currently working for me.

For you, this eliminates the risk of getting involved in opportunities that don’t work.
– No time wasted.
– No money lost.

I’ll introduce you to opportunities to make more money by means of:

Progress (How it’s working for me)
– Email
– Social Media
– Videos
– Webinars
– Podcasts

I focus on topics like:

– Digital Currencies
– Gold Bullion
– Making Money Online
– Digital Marketing
– and much, much more …

There is unlimited opportunities out there to help you improve your financial situation.

I am looking forward to working with you.