How to Get Started With Traffic Hurricane?

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  • Step 1 – Register
  • Step 2 – Create Banner Ad and Buy Adpack
  • Step 3 – Daily Activity

Step 1

Click to register: Traffic Hurricane Registration
Top right hand corner of the website you should see the Registration tab.

Step 2

Create your banner ad. If you don’t have a company to promote.
Use your merchants banner ads. Have a look at Payza’s affiliate program.

If you would like to create something unique. You can use:

Canva or Bannersnack. Both of them work well.
If you want a static banner. Bannersnack is the one you should use.

Paying for you banner ads is simple. Payment methods available:
  • Bitcoin
  • Payza (You can also pay through Payza with your Master or VISA Card)
  • Master or VISA Card
  • Bank Wire
  • Solid Trust Pay

Step 3

Daily activity:
  • View Your 50 Ads Per Day
  • View Your Cash Links 
  • View Your Cash Tube

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