The Digital Publishing Gold Rush

Have you ever heard of digital publishing? Well for those of you who don’t know. Digital publishing is all about information.

There are three main steps to building an information business.

  1. Find other people like you (find a topic).
  2. Organize information (put together great information that your market will love).
  3. Monetize (pick a business system that allows you to create a profit).

But first, you need to understand just how enormous this opportunity is.

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Why 80% of Franchises Succeed While 90% of Businesses Fail

Think about this. Let’s say 100 businesses start today. According to statistics in general 90 of those businesses will fail in the first 5 years. Now that leaves us with only 10 left. Over the next five years 9 out of the 10 will also fail. So over a 10 year period only 1 out of a 100 will make it.

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How to Find Your First Profitable Online Business Idea


There is nothing more liberating than doing what you love. It’s sad to see people who absolutely despise what they do. It’s even worse when you are considered successful, but down deep are completely miserable. People who are trapped in their careers because of the money they make, but they are riddled with stress and unhappiness because the lack of passion.

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Online Business Entrepreneurial Mindset

Building An Online Business Starts With The Way You Think …

For an employee at a company, the idea of setting out on your own and starting your own business can be extremely tempting. Not only does it represent a chance to be your own boss, but it allows you the opportunity to follow your passion. However to be successful as an entrepreneur you need to be able to shift from an employee mindset to an entrepreneurial one.

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