Affiliate Marketing Rules and Strategies

So, I was busy working through some content on Affiliate Marketing I received from Pat Flynn. It’s part of my process working towards becoming a Super Affiliate myself and I thought I would drop some knowledge on the topic. It’s definitely an art and seems to be dominated by influencers.

People with a large following, but we will get into this.

First things first. Do you really know what affiliate marketing is?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It’s a lot like being a Representative for a traditional brick and mortar company.

In the online space you generate an income by sharing, recommending and promoting another company’s or person’s product or services.

Should your efforts result in a sale you simply receive a cut.

Why is Affiliate Marketing Awesome?

You don’t have to create your own product, because someone else already did. Now this really works well for me. It’s ideal when you start off online and you don’t have any of your own products to promote. While you are learning you simply promote the products you are learning from. See it as earning while you learning.

Affiliate Marketing Bad

Looping back to my previous statement. Affiliate marketing seems to have a bad rap lately and the reason for this is because influencers abuse the power of affiliate marketing.

I have witnessed this personally. Thinking back to my revenue sharing and HYIP investments. I was introduced to some of these programs by influencers. (People with large followings)

What I noticed is that they introduce people to an opportunity without any guarantees, work it as long as they possibly can and if the project goes bad they simply move on and introduce the next best thing.

They simply just stop talking about the failure and start focusing on what’s working now. This way they move on from project to project. I think the risk is low for these influencers because they simply use the large commissions they make to further grow their distribution networks.

If the project flops, it’s all good, but now look at this…. It’s ok for those who have big distribution networks and fair resources but for the ones that are just starting off these failures are a major blow.

Good Affiliate Marketing

I for one would not say it’s all bad. I have come across good Affiliate Programs. Affiliate Marketing can become a huge part of your overall passive income portfolio, but there is a few rules and strategies I recommend you abide with.

  1. Be confident in your recommendation – Only recommend products you have used yourself.
  2. Be honest and open with your audience – Let them know you will be earning a commission if they use the product.
  3. Treat the products you own as if it’s your own – Show people what they can expect. (Use images or videos to do this)
  4. Find your Click Funnels – This will be the number one product you promote.
  5. Create a Tools / Resource page – The Tools page can become your most profitable page on your website. Have a look at the Tools page on the Digital Tools Blog
  6. Helpful affiliate marketing tool – I use Wondershare Filmora to create videos and do screen recordings for those much needed how to videos.
  7. Cross-pollinate your affiliate links – Don’t be afraid to mention or share your recommendations more than once, and in different ways.
  8. Offer bonuses alongside your recommendations – This is a good way to stand out from other affiliates promoting the same product.
  9. Build relationships with the product owners – Get the know the product and the people behind it. The relationship can become mutually beneficial. If you are a good affiliate it will put you in a position to even ask for an increase in affiliate commissions you receive.
  10. Think openly about what kind of products or programs you could become an affiliate for – There are all kinds of products you can promote as an affiliate

The sky’s the limit with affiliate marketing as long as you put the people first. The products you recommend must be able to help people in some way. Only recommend products you use yourself.



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