Month: August 2016

What is The Blockchain?

The first concept you need to understnad about the blockchain is the following. There isn’t one. There are many. Blockchains are distributed, tamper proof public ledgers of transactions.

If you still need some clarification on how it actually works. Don Tapscott is here to help, demystifying this world-changing, trust-building technology which, he says, represents nothing less than the second generation of the internet and holds the potential to transform money, business, government and society.

Success With FutureNet

FutureNet’s Social Media Club has been growing as expected since 2014. Like all social media platforms it takes time to grow. With FutureAdPro’s launch in 2016 it exploded. Some of the early adopters has already reached their 1000 AdPack limit. Qualified for multiple prices and simply growing the business at astonishing rates.

Getting down to How well it works.

I joined FutureNet in May 2016. You can follow my progress on:

FutureNet Social Media Club Progress
FutureAdpro Progress

The content is updated every 2 weeks.

As a value ad I thought you might want to see how well it works for someone who has reached great success with FutureNet already.

Let me introduce you to Adrian. Adrian got me involved in FutureNet and is also my Sponsor in the business. When it comes down to FutureNet he is considered a leader in the company.



If you have not joined jet. What are you waiting for?

FutureNet Social Media Club

To your Future Success