Blockchain Technology 2

What is The Blockchain?

The first concept you need to understnad about the blockchain is the following. There isn’t one. There are many. Blockchains are distributed, tamper proof public ledgers of transactions.

Have a look at: What is The Blockchain Guide

If you still need some clarification on how it actually works. Don Tapscott is here to help, demystifying this world-changing, trust-building technology which, he says, represents nothing less than the second generation of the internet and holds the potential to transform money, business, government and society.

FutureNet Success System

Success With FutureNet

FutureNet’s Social Media Club has been growing as expected since 2014. Like all social media platforms it takes time to grow. With FutureAdPro’s launch in 2016 it exploded. Some of the early adopters has already reached their 1000 AdPack limit. Qualified for multiple prices and simply growing the business at astonishing rates.

Getting down to How well it works.

I joined FutureNet in May 2016. You can follow my progress on the following 2 links.

FutureNet Social Media Club Progress
FutureAdpro Progress

The content is updated every 2 weeks.

As a value ad I thought you might want to see how well it works for someone who has reached great success with FutureNet already.

Let me introduce you to Adrian. Adrian got me involved in FutureNet and is also my Sponsor in the business. When it comes down to FutureNet he is considered a leader in the company.



If you have not joined jet. What are you waiting for?

FutureNet Social Media Club

To your Future Success

How To Write Your Lead Magnet 2

How to Write A Lead Magnet

Assuming You Did The Research

Take what you have learned from your visitors most pressing questions, deepest fears and biggest frustrations, and think of how you could help them.

Your Checklist Shouldn’t Take A Long Time To Read

– Your audience want answers now.
– They don’t want to work too hard.
– It’s your job to do the hard work for them.

Solve people’s problems and they will trust you. They will keep coming back to your content. They will love you for solving their problems. They will even be willing to buy from you.

So, What Makes A Good Lead Magnet?

– Shorter is better.
– Your lead magnet should be no longer than 5 pages.
– 2 pages or less is better.
– Convert into a PDF when you are done.
– Make it visual. (Add a logo. Photographs help. A graphic that illustrates an idea or a system is even better)

For Example … Some Ideas For Lead Magnets … For Consultants

– 5 Ways to Tell if an SEO Consultant Knows Their Stuff
– 10 Lies Most CPA’s Tell Everyone
– The Ultimate Wedding Checklist
– How To Tell If You’re Ready for a Life Coach

Another Example … Some Ideas For Lead Magnets … For Affiliates

– The Fly Fisherman’s Ultimate Gear List
– The 12 Biggest Forex Lies
– 10 Rules of Dating – And When to Break Them
– The Definitive Guide to Internet Marketing

Also A Good Example … Some Ideas For Lead Magnets … For eCommerce Companies

– 15% off next order.
– Free gift (tell them specifically what the gift is)
– Entry into contest for $500 worth merchandise.
– 101 Amazing, Never Seen Before Paper Craft Ideas.

How To Write A Draft of Your Checklist in 25 Minutes

There’s a productivity technique called the Pomodoro method that works especially well for creative work. Basically, the Pomodoro method is to work in 25 minutes intervals, with 5 minute breaks in between.

While you’re in the middle of a Pomodoro, you do NOTHING but the task at hand.

If you cheat and check you email or do anything off task, start the 25 minute interval over again.

There are a number of Pomodoro apps (like “Simple Pomodoro Time”), timers and other gear, but all you really need is a way to time yourself for 25 minutes.

– Finish your first pomodoro, then take a break. If five minutes isn’t enough, take a 10 minute break.  
– Next pomodoro – refine your checklist. After your break. Head right back to your desk and set the clock for another 25 minutes.  
– Use this pomodoro to refine your work.

  • Simplify your sentences.
  • Cut unnecessary words and sentences.
  • Make your thoughts clearer.
  • Add some research to prove your point.

Finishing Your Lead Magnet

In Pomodoro #1

You’re going to add finishing touches to your lead magnet.
– Read it through.
– Incorporate new ideas.
– Check for typos.
– Add subtitles where appropriate.
– Trim paragraphs to 5 lines or less.
– Use bullet points where you can.

In Pomodoro #2

Make it pretty
– Use a type size that’s easy to read.
– Make the margins wide enough for people to add notes.
– Add images to illustrate your ideas.

Best Places For Free Stock Photos

In the The Footer Area Include

Your website, name and email address.
A prompt to join email list.
Copyright information. (©2016 Your Company Name)

The money is in the list. Having good email marketing software to support your email marketing campaigns is very important. I personally use GetResponse email marketing software. If you have not been introduced I suggest you have a look.